Letitia Ingram

Degree: Associate of Applied Science

Major(s): Agribusiness Management

Graduate: Fall 2020

How are you planning to use your degree?

Wealth Creation and Land Management

List clubs, activities, or groups you participated in while in school.

 My favorite activities included attending NC State LIVE events, the AGI banquet and Scavenger Hunt, Military Appreciation Day Football Game, and presenting Undergrad Research on Land Ownership and Prevention of Land Loss

Whom do you want to thank?

Thank you to the whole AGI Admin Office Team and to my ARE course instructors, Dr. Melissa Hendrickson and Dr. Jonathan Phillips!  A shout out to Dr. Karl Jicha – Rural Sociology – a man with a passion for people!  Thank you to my tutor, Karleigh Sherrill, and my mentor, Robert Elliott!  And Thank you to my family, Team Ingram and Speller!!

What is the best thing about studying at NC State and the Agricultural Institute?

The best thing about studying here is learning what I came here to learn and being able to move forward with the information.

My Academic Advisor:  Dr. Jonathan Phillips

My LinkedIn:  www.linkedin.com/in/letitiaingram2020/

Hometown and Homestate:

Garner, NC


Comments from Advisor


Comments from friends and family

NAME: Dr. Melissa Hendrickson

Hi Letitia,
You are amazing! Even in this crazy year, you were able to stay on top of your game and finish strong. I am certain you will do well in the next step of your life.
kind regards,
Dr. Hendrickson

NAME:  Alease Hancock

Congratulations!!!!  I am so very proud of you!  Good luck in your future endeavors!  Welcome to the NC State Alumni Family!  Keep in touch!!  Love and hugs!!

NAME:  Jade Speller


NAME:  Dr. Amy Johnson

Well, you just had to do things the hard way didn’t you. Finishing your last year online during Covid was a huge challenge but you made it. Congratulations! Thank you for always bringing your positive and inquisitive spirit to class. It really made my job fun. Good luck to you in everything you do. I know that you will make the world a better place in some way.

NAME:  Karleigh Sherrill

Letitia, congratulations! I truly loved getting to know you and wish you the best in the future!


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Letitia Ingram